Becca Duran and Jay Thomas
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1. In Love Again    mp3
2. All Too Soon
3. Hide and Seek
4. Ask Me Now (How I Wish)      mp3
5. Antigua
6. So It Goes Again
7. Lolito
8. Carousel Ride
9. It Never Entered My Mind     mp3
10. Apple
11. Leaving
12. Roving Eye
13. L’Africaine

Becca Duran, vocals
Jay Thomas, saxophone, trumpets, flugelhorn, flute
Larry Fuller, piano
Doug Miller, bass
John Bishop, drums
John Hansen, piano
Brian Kennedy, bass
Andy Roth, drums
Craig Hoyer, piano, synthesizer
John Boucher, percussion
Denny Goodhew, baritone saxophone
Bill Ramsay, alto saxolphone

Executive Producer, Jay Thomas
Rercorded by Robert Meador at RBM Productions, Seattle
Mastered at CMS Digital by Robert Vosgien
Cover Design, J. Lee Durston
McVouty Records


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